Mizuno JPX 800 Irons Review

Mizuno JPX 800 Irons Review:

The JPX series irons from Mizuno have replaced the popular MX series and represent Mizuno’s game improvement golf irons. The JPX series consists of the JPX-800, JPX-800 HD and JPX-800 Pro. Each of these is suited for a different level of player. In this post I will outline the differences between the JPX-800, JPX-800 HD and JPX-800 Pro as well as provide insight into the advantages and disparages of this line of irons from Mizuno. By the end of this JPX 800 irons review you will have my personal insight as well as information from various other sources which will help you to decide if these clubs will be the right choice for you.

Mizuno JPX800 Irons Review


To me, one of the most important features of the club is how it looks both in my bag and when addressing the ball. I have always been impressed with the looks of Mizuno’s irons, especially their MP series, and they didn’t drop the ball when designing their game improvement line. The JPX irons visually do everything possible to minimize the chunky looks common in game improvement clubs. For many players looks of the game improvement iron will not affect club purchasing decisions but I know there are others of you, like me, who pay close attention to this. I applaud Mizuno for not putting flashy graphics or colors in this line of irons. The JPX 800 HD irons are especially good looking in their all black and silver form.

“They have a great look at address that builds confidence and are even better on impact.” -Davey-D, Amazon.com

Mizuno JPX800 Irons Technology


Distance on the JPX 800 irons is increased through using Mizuno’s MAX COR technology alongside their Hot Metal Face construction. These along with the unique pocket cavity design bring these irons to the maximum limit allowed for energy transfer. Mizuno developed a new manufacturing process which they label “Hot Metal” which uses the metal’s natural strength to allow for an ultra-thin clubface. The name of their processes do not mean much to us, but the advantage of this is a consistent high ball speed and maximum sweet spot on the face along with a lower center of gravity, maximizing forgiveness throughout this range of irons.

JPX-800 vs JPX-800 HD vs JPX-800 Pro:

There are slight differences between the three different JPX 800 series irons. Both the JPX 800 and the JPX 800 HD are game improvement irons for the higher handicap player. The JPX 800 Pro irons are also game improvement clubs but geared for the mid-level handicapper. The main article here focuses on the standard JPX 800 irons but I will outline the features of the HD and Pro versions below.

JPX-800 Pro:

Mizuno JPX 800 Pro Irons ReviewThe most noticeable differences on the JPX 800 Pro irons are that they feature grain flow forged mild carbon steel and have a more compact head than the standard JPX 800 iron. Forged is a big buzz word when looking at irons. This is because forged steel is softer than cast steel, thus providing a softer “buttery” feel at impact. The JPX 800 Pro irons feature the largest sweet spot of any forged Mizuno iron. These have a better feel and are more workable while still promoting distance and forgiveness. I would call these a refined game improvement club. They definitely have the features of the standard improvement club including a large cavity and more forgiving face but these elements have been toned down a bit to fit well with the rest of Mizuno’s great looking and feeling irons. According to the Mizuno website, Charles Howell III uses these irons on tour. If you have been playing for a while and are looking to move on to a better set of clubs or you are a more serious golfer looking for a set of well-made game improvement clubs the JPX 800 Pro irons are for you. Visit here to read more on the JPX 800 Pro irons.

JPX-800 HD:
The JPX 800 HD irons are Mizuno’s latest release in the JPX line. The HD in this series stands for high distance. The JPX 800 HD’s are considered super game improvement clubs – even more so than the original JPX 800s. The major difference in this line is that Mizuno’s new hybrid iron is incorporated in the longer irons. These are called hybrid DLR, direct long iron replacement, clubs which features the lowest and deepest center of gravity iron design is in the Mizuno line. These also feature a strategic low heel and high toe weighting which is geared toward the miss-hit patterns of super game improvement players. These improvements create the largest sweet spot on the iron face possible. While I have not personally hit this updated version of the JPX 800 Mizuno claims it will help you hit the ball farther, straighter, and higher allowing you to score better. If you prefer your longer irons to be hybrids, the JPX 800 HD irons are for you. Visit here to get more information on the JPX 800 HD irons.

Mizuno JPX 800 HD Irons Review

“More forgiving, higher launch than JPX 800 but with same hot face.” -aplomb, golfwrx.com


As with any game improvement club the head dimensions are larger than what your local pro or touring pros are using. This is to your advantage as the real point of golf is to have fun and enjoy it. This can be seen as a feature or as a downside depending on your skill level and what you value in club design. In the range of game improvement irons these are very well shaped and understated designs. They don’t look or feel like you are swinging a supersized game improvement club as is the case with many rival game improvement clubs.


The JPX 800 irons feature a triple cut sole. This sole design allows for solid ball striking on all types of surfaces and lies. One interesting feature on these irons is that Mizuno has filtered out midrange tones created the ball strike to provide an optimized impact sound. This is a neat feature because a nice sounding ball strike can be very enjoyable. Listen to all of the different impact sounds irons can make next time you are at the range and you will see what I mean. Mizuno irons have always been known for their great feel. These are not in the same league as their MP series irons for more advanced players but still have a great feel and comparison to other game improvement irons.

As mentioned earlier these irons have been pushed the maximum legal limit for energy transfer, thus they are the hottest irons ever created by Mizuno.

  • 4-7 irons utilize MAX COR construction which delivers the highest allowable COR and low deep Center of Gravity for amazing distance and forgiveness.
  • 8-PW utilize deep pocket cavity design for maximum forgiveness and increased accuracy.
  • GW & SW utilize a solid power bar design for greater control and pinpoint accuracy.
  • A multi-level, multi-thickness exotic pocket cavity™ (4 – 7 iron) creates the largest MOI for the most forgiving iron in MIZUNO’s award-winning line-up.
  • Massive external Power Bar design expands and extends the sweet area for maximum forgiveness across the face.
  • Multi-material badge to enhance feel and deliver aggressive styling.
  • Aggressive Triple Cut sole for consistent forgiveness from all types of lies and playing conditions.
  • Durable double nickel chrome plated finish.
  • Modified U-grooves, which conform to the Condition of Competition 2010, produce the ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions.

Mizuno JPX 800 Pro


The basic JPX 800 irons set includes 4-iron through gap wedge and is available with either steel or graphite shafts. Stock these irons come with the True Temper Dynalite Gold XP in R300 or S300 and Mizuno’s Exsar IS4 for the graphite option. They are gripped with Golf Pride M-21 58 Round grips and are available in either left or right-handed models.


The biggest thing these irons have going for them are there again improvement features. They are a forgiving iron for those who are serious about their game. I am sure you already know that which is why you are reading this review. But these features combined with Mizuno’s refined aesthetic put the JPX 800 series irons into a different league. They do not look gimmicky or like beginner clubs because they are not. They are a serious set of irons for those looking to improve their golf. These clubs will not completely make up for bad swing mechanics. For that I high recommend you check out my Tour Striker review.


The downside to having game improvement features is that workability and feel suffer. If you are just trying to hit the ball straight and lower your scores this is not an issue in the slightest. For mid to low handicappers the high moment of inertia, large offset and slightly chunky looks of the club head may cause you to look for a less forgiving and more workable iron design.

Mizuno JPX800 Irons

Consumer Ratings:

The JPX 800 irons continue to get rave reviews from everyone I speak to that has used them. This consistent with what people are saying about them online as well. Mizuno has a real winner in the game improvement category.

“Buying JPX 800 was the best thing I have done for my golf for ages.” -Jooma, golfwrx.com

“if you want effortless power, and smooth and solid feel at impact in a game improvement iron, give these JPX-800′s a chance” -D2Doug, golfwrx.com

Where to get the Best Deal:

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