Best Golf Drivers 2013

Best Golf Drivers 2013

Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme Driver

The Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme driver has a lot of people talking and is generating plenty of buzz. This is claimed to be the longest driver Callaway has ever made. It features adjustable weights on the rear section of the drivers sole – one weight in the heel and one weight in the toe. As pioneered by TaylorMade’s R11 and a must-have on current drivers the Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme 2013 model features an adjustable hosel allowing for quick and easy trajectory adjustments as well as shaft changes. A huge benefit of that is the actual fitting of the driver. When you test the Razr Fit Xtreme at your golf shop you will be able to see what combination of shaft stiffness, weight settings and face angle give you the best control and distance.

Best Golf Drivers 2013 Razr Fit

The Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme is a good-looking driver. Athletically I think it’s a smart move for Callaway to not go with a white headed driver but to stick with a sharp looking black and gray head with various color accents. This allows Callaway to compete at the top without looking like they are imitating their major competitor – the TaylorMade R11S driver.

Best Golf Drivers 2013

Users of a popular golf for him are making claims that Phil Mickelson has stated that he hits the Razr Fit Xtreme 3-wood  over 300 yards. That is a pretty amazing distance for driver let alone a 3-wood. Fellow commenters are also stating that Phil Mickelson received an all-black TaylorMade Rocketballz three wood to use at an event in China. This appears to potentially be the 3-wood he used to hit the ball over 300 yards. If so, I hope for Callaway’s sake that he can achieve that with the Razr Fit Xtreme woods as well.

Nike VRS Covert Driver

Best Golf Drivers 2013 Nike VRS

New from Nike is the VRS covert driver for 2013. Nike claims to have redefined what performance looks like with this driver. That is a nice marketing line and you can see in the images below exactly what this redefinition of performance looks like. Side note, it still looks like a golf driver to me – a slightly ugly one at that.

Best Golf Drivers 2013 Nike VRS Covert


The VRS covert driver features what they call a flex loft hosel which is like the TaylorMade R11S and many other drivers letting you select your desired face angle and loft. I believe that soon only “retro-styled” drivers will lack this feature. The Nike VRS covert 2013 has a very significant cavity back. Upon first look this made me think of super game improvement irons with heavy heel and toe weighting as well as a large cavity back. The looks and the large cavity back like that for a reason. The covert driver gets excellent accuracy results from golfers compared to their standard gaming driver. The weighting and cavity back provide for straighter at the cost of added distance. Is this the best driver for 2013 for golfers seeking a forgiving driver? This driver is geared toward the golfer that would choose accuracy over distance. This group of users includes myself but I know many golfers want bragging rights and to be able to hit the ball as far as humanly possible with their driver. If that is you skip this review and go on to another on the list of top drivers for 2013.

Some interesting comments online note the drivers shiny candy apple red finish, which is very attention-getting, and how that clashes with the name covert. As one, after states there is “nothing ‘covert’ about it.”

Titleist 913 Driver

Best Golf Drivers 2013 Titleist 913 D2 D3

The Titleist 913 Driver is a new and improved version of Titleist’s ever popular 910 series of drivers. One of the improvements of the 913 over the 910 drivers is on the slight misses. The 913 driver for 2013 provides a bit more forgiveness which is definitely good news for me. The 913 has a lower center of gravity and is slightly lighter than the 910. Titleist’s SureFit adjustable hosel allows you to tweak loft and lie independent of each other.

Best Golf Drivers 2013 d2 d3 913 Titleist

The sound of the Titleist 913 driver, or any driver for that matter, is important to most, if not all golfers. To me this driver sounds like I am at a Little League baseball game – which is not a good thing. It has a very loud tingy sound which can be slightly unnerving. If you’ve ever been to a baseball game where aluminum bats are used you will know the sound I’m referring to. It makes me want to jump up to see if there’s a foul ball headed my way if I’m not paying attention.

Ping Anser Driver

Best Golf Drivers 2013 Ping Anser

The Ping Anser Driver comes after much research and due diligence was performed by Ping engineers. Ping previously stated that they did not want to get in to the adjustable club market until they knew it would not have adverse effects on any other aspects of the club’s performance such as aerodynamics, weight and feel. Having said that, Ping developed the Anser series of adjustable drivers for 2013.

Best Golf Drivers 2013 Answer Adjustable Hosel


Aesthetically the Ping Anser Driver is one of the best looking clubs on the market. The driver had has a simple matte black finish which makes it look sleek and nearly indestructible. The adjustable hosel is very minimal and looks like a nonadjustable connection. The hosel is streamlined and lettering or numbers declaring its adjustability are restrained, which I appreciate. The Anser driver provides more forgiveness than Ping’s i20 driver. It also has more of a clicking sound impact rather than a tinny ‘ping’ (for lack of a better word) vs the Titleist 913 mentioned above. The big news with this driver is that Ping has finally entered the world of adjustable golf clubs. Also, for me, the looks of this club cannot be beat.

Cobra AMP Cell Driver

Best Golf Drivers 2013 Amp Cell Colors

the first thing I noticed when talk of this new driver from Cobra surfaced was that it came in for colors- or for fresh colors as the Cobra markers like to say Cobra. What we have now is the colorful Cobra AMP Cell driver. The theme for the year 2013 in golf drivers is adjustability. The Cobra AMP Cell driver offers six variations of loft and trajectory settings all-in-one club. This is more than most other competitors offer – but like the cell phone case colored paint schemes is the added adjustability just a sales gimmick? Based on looks alone this driver is not for me.


Cobra uses what they referred to as cell weighting on the driver had to distribute weight more effectively dust allowing them to create a larger driver face and impact area. Their E9 driver face is engineered to maximize ball speed on off-center impacts. The specific areas they target are low heel side strikes and high toe side strikes.

TaylorMade R11S Driver

RBZ vs R11s

You may be wondering why the TaylorMade R11S Driver made it onto my best drivers of 2013 list. It is not because it’s a new driver for 2013 but because it is the baseline all of the drivers above will be tested against. TaylorMade still holds the command of the driver market because they are the reason everyone now has adjustable hosels as well as unique color schemes which they started with their signature white printer driver heads. You can read my previous review of the tailor-made R11S and the R11S TP to see how it stacks up against one of the clubs you are considering. While this may not be the latest technology of the last few months it is an excellent club that will be tough to beat.


So here we have it the best drivers of 2013 which always promised to improve your golf game and style. My advice is to test out various drivers at your local golf shop or on the range and take a lesson or two to improve your game as well as reach your maximum potential. So which would you pick the R11S vs Razr Fit Xtreme vs VRS Covert vs 913 vs Anser vs Amp Cell?? The choice is yours! Let me know what you decide.

3 Responses to Best Golf Drivers 2013

  1. Murray Alce says:

    I tried all the above drivers but went with the ping G25 which was not mention or tested by you.In distance and accuracy for me it was number 1.

    • Rob Hausman says:

      Murray-I am looking for a driver to increase my launch angle. Everything I read is the G25 is a higher flight driver. In hitting the ones listed above, did you notice this?

  2. Mike Masters says:

    Hi Murray – yes the G25 is getting some great reviews. I plan to give the Ping G25 driver a proper test on the range as soon as possible.

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