Best Game Improvement Irons of 2013

Best Game Improvement Irons of 2013

This article features our list of the best games improvement irons of 2013. Game improvement irons have become a huge part of the golf market in the last couple of decades. Golf equipment does not need to make the game any harder than necessary and new technology in these irons make hitting a solid shot easier than ever.  Many players with great swings play game improvement irons. As amateurs we are not able to dedicate multiple hours a day, every day, to practicing like the pros. Therefore our swings will not be as consistent and our ball striking may be off from time to time or swing to swing. This is why game improvement clubs are on the market and in demand.  The follow is a selection of irons that made the cut as the best game improvement irons of 2013. I recommend testing these in person to see which is right for you and your golf swing.

Titleist AP1 712 Irons

AP1 712 irons best GI mid handicap irons 2013

When it comes to the best game improvement irons of 2013, the Titleist AP1 712 irons are the first that come to mind.  The key criteria for a game improvement iron are playability, feel, forgiveness, and accuracy, and these irons offer all of that and then some.  The 2013 version of the AP1 iron set has greatly improved in many categories over previous years of the iron. Playability is one of the main areas of Titleist’s focus for this year’s iron. Titleist redesigned their irons to have a 4% higher moment of inertia than their previous model along with a progressive blade length from the high irons to the low irons.  Added forgiveness is found in the additional weighting around the perimeter of the club, leading to a more stable clubhead through impact for more accuracy and distance on mishits. Two independent tungsten weights are placed in the head and the toe of each iron.

At address the Titleist AP1 712’s have a nice clean look and top line. The iron faces are large enough to instill confidence without feeling embarrassed that they look nearly the size of your driver (like some other GI sets).  The revised looks for 2013 are much appreciated. I am picky about the looks of clubs that end up in my bag and a simplified clean lined game improvement set it much appreciated on the market.

best high handicap irons 2013 ap1 technology

Shaft Options include (all with Titleist Tour Velvet grips):

  • TRUE TEMPER DYNALITE GOLD XP (various flexes)
  • GRAPHITE DESIGN TOUR AD 65I (various flexes)
  • GRAPHITE DESIGN TOUR AD 50I (L  flex only)

Accuracy and feel are addressed with their new Advance Performance technology that is located in the dual cavity with new materials, leading to a consistent trajectory and higher ball speeds with a soft feel.  The stock swingweight for the 2013 Titleist AP1 712’s is D2. Another feature that makes the Titleist AP1 712 game improvement irons stand out is their appearance, which is not only simple but sharp as well.  The AP1 712’s are so sleek looking they are often viewed as a players set of irons. With the weighting and forgiveness they are definitely a game improvement set minus the large shovel look of the typical game improvement irons. This iron set is the first on the list because it has a wonderful balance of beauty, feel and forgiveness – three of the most important criterion for a good set of game improvement irons.

Mizuno JPX-825 Irons

jpx-825 best game improvement irons of 2013

The Mizuno JPX line has earned its place in the line-up of top game improvement irons. In previous years we have seen the JPX-800, JPX-800 HD and Pro versions get rave reviews – making them one of the best game improvement irons of all time. The 800 series continues to get rave reviews today. This alone built up a lot of hype and excitement to see what Mizuno would do to improve on the successes of the JPX line.

The Mizuno JPX-825 irons feature not only amazing forgiveness and distance, but spectacular feel as well.  The irons feature a revolutionary Max/Mid COR Technology, with the 4-7 irons featuring the Max COR with a thin face and above average ball speed, and the Mid COR with the 8-gap wedge that delivers both distance and accuracy.  When it comes to forgiveness, Mizuno created an optimized max moment of inertia pocket cavity with toe and heel weighting along with a larger sweet face to make mishits less of a problem  - unlike with Mizuno’s MP line of irons.

best mid-handicap irons of 2013

Along with all of this technology infused in the irons is something known as harmonic impact technology, and what it really does is make the irons far and above the best feeling game improvement irons out on the market today.  Every shot feels solid no matter where it is hit on the clubface, and the shock absorbance is above average as well.  For most golfers reading this article the harmonic impact technology will be a much appreciated feature. I personally like a bit more feedback when striking the ball along with the forgiveness (which is started to ask a lot). I like to know instantly if I hit the ball off the toe, heel, thin, fat, etc. U-grooves help give any golfer the spin needed on short iron shots to make the ball stick to the greens. The nickel chrome plated design makes the irons look sleek and easy on the eye, leading to an overall great set of irons.  The more I think back on the JPX-825 irons the more I think that they are the prime example of what the best game improvement irons of 2013 should be.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Irons


Even though Taylormade has another set of irons out on the market today known as the Rocketbladez RBZ Irons, their RocketBallz Irons still set the standard when it comes to game improvement irons, with five specific features that help to set it apart from the competition.  A new pull-face metalwood technology has been incorporated into the high irons. This creates an optimal balance between distance, accuracy, and feel for great overall performance.  The irons feature variable face thickness which allows the longer irons to thinner, hotter faces and thicker soles while the scoring irons have thicker faces and a more refined head design.

The Rocketballz irons features a draw-biased clubhead structure that helps to promote a right to left ball flight for right handed golfers and leads to greater distance overall.  Additional tungsten weighting has been placed at the bottom of the clubhead, which lowers the center of gravity and creates greater overall forgiveness and feel on shots out of practically any lie out on the golf course. Wider soles on the wedges to created added playability and forgiveness on shots that are critical to a low handicapper’s game, and the last feature is a new toe bar, and this also creates added forgiveness by helping to control the clubface and make it more stable throughout the swing so that mishits are minimized.


The TaylorMade marketing department spends top dollar promoting their drivers and irons. One major claim they always make is the added distance you get compared to your current clubs. Often time you are encouraged to take in your 7-iron and compare it to their new 7-iron. I will tell you right now that you will hit the Rocketballz 7-iron further than your current club. That is because TaylorMade has strengthened the loft and increased the shaft length to the point that the RBZ 7-iron is a 6-iron with a 7 stamped on it (check the specs of the iron set!).

All in all, the RBZ irons can not only add more distance in one’s game, but provide greater opportunities to score low and stay out of trouble. The sound at impact is quite impressive (if a bit loud) and instills confidence that you are striking the ball well. Everyone around you will hear how you are striking the ball as well. I would recommend this iron set for the golfer that wants a club they can reliable club for times when their swing is not quite so reliable. It has great game improvement features (super game improvement? Possibly) that will help you to hit the ball long and straight.

Adams Super S Irons

Wrapping up our list of the best game improvement irons of 2013 is Adams Super S Iron and hybrid line.  Adams has been known for some time as having the best hybrids in golf, but they have really stepped up their game by creating a fantastic hybrid iron set that is not only easy to hit, but feature game improvement advancements that will benefit any mid to high handicap golfer.


A half-hollow construction along with a 20% thinner face and new and improved shaping create a set that has better stability through impact, higher ball speeds, greater forgiveness, and greater playability as well. Basically, these irons were design to help you in every way possible. The new construction also allows for greater weight redistribution and an improved launch angle, which leads to shots that are not only more accurate, but also provide a good amount of spin as well. The irons come with  KBS Tour 90 shaft while the hybrids Matrix Kujoh 75 shafts. It is truly difficult to find an iron set on the market today that is as easy to hit as this one, and with all of the new technology that put in the set it should certainly be on everyone’s list to test.

The iron set comes in a combination of hybrids and irons featuring a 3 and 4 hyrbid and 5 through pitching wedge irons. I am generally excited about the looks of Adams club designs but the Super S Irons seem a bit off visually to me. The iron heads remind me of the Ping G25’s and the hybrid graphics look very similar to the TaylorMade R1 driver. The performance of this iron set makes up for it but the looks alone made me think twice as to whether to include the Super S’s on the best irons of 2013 list.

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